CD REVIEW! Bon Jovi - What About Now

Bon Jovi always reminds me of my high school days back in the 80s & 90s. Radio friendly rock that you can actually bob too. In that same breath, I'm still intrigued by the band's longevity, as their music are a bit dated. But you can say the same about The Rolling Stones, but good music still remains good music. Not that What About Now is Bon Jovi's best offering yet, but for a rock band that has withstood the test of musical times, this is not a bad offering at all.  The 12th studio release from the New Jersey rockers is a throwback at old rock, and guitarist Richie Sambora characterised the new material as a compilation of “different elements”. Die-hard fans of the band will enjoy the CD, but I doubt if it will win them over legion of new fans. But hey, who the hack am I to 'not to like' the CD. They have sold out stadium shows and will be rocking the South African block in May. They will still make their dollars and some fans might just enjoy the new release.