EXCLUSIVE! Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience

September 2006 former *N SYNC heart throb Justin Timberlake unleashed his FutureSex/Lovesounds CD on the music world. He conquered. Kicked serious ass and reinvented pop music into something the music world has never seen. The sounds lingered and everyone wondered what Justin would surprise us with next. Besides calling quits his much publicised relationship with Cameron Diaz only to marry Jessica Biel, nothing musical was heard from Justin, until now. His latest hot anticipated release The 20/20 Experience is here and The Beat got and EXCLUSIVE fist listen to his new masterpiece. Yes, masterpiece. It won't blow you over with the first listen like FutureSex/Lovesounds did, but eventually it sinks its teeth into you. It's not much pop, but more a soul trippie poppie ambient musical landscape where he and his long-time partner Timbaland roll out the beats and the squeaks to create the canvas for The 20/20 Experience. As Rolling Stone so honestly puts it: "that guy in the suit and tie, that showbiz savant – in the end, he makes it sound like pop".