Blind busker's dream come true after a nightmare experience in Cape Town city centre

Lunga Goodman Nono, a blind busker from Cape Town has been offered the chance of a life time after an nightmare experience. After being apparently manhandled by the City Of Cape Town's Metro Police where they broke his guitar, IOL reports that Mathew Davison, from The Rooftop Recording Studio, has offered to record and mix a song for Lunga. Davison told IOL that they will post the song on YouTube and other online music video channels. "We are also going to record a short personal video clip about Nono to post online so people can know more about him and where they can give donations," said Davison. "We were touched by what we saw in the footage and felt we had to do something to encourage him with his music." News24 reports that this comes just a day after guitar virtuoso Tony Cox offered Lunga a brand new Takamine acoustic guitar in response to a Rolling Stone SA initiative calling for donations to buy Nono a new guitar. Since video footage of Lunga being manhandled by police started circulating on the internet on Monday, South Africans have voiced outcry at the unnecessary brutality of police who also broke his guitar. On Monday, shocked shoppers looked on as Nono was dragged away by police through St George's Mall towards a police van. The busker is facing a R1 500 fine, and a campaign has been started to collect funds to pay off his fine. The City of Cape Town said on Tuesday the conduct of the metro police officers involved would be investigated.