HOT STUFF! Eminem's Berzerk

Freaking hell! It has been ages I got excited about a song like the new Eminem song, Berzerk from his highly anticipated upcoming CD, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. When I first listened to the song I could see The Beastie Boys, RUN DMC and Public Enemy jamming to this addictive song. Eminem’s lyrical flow in “Berzerk” is off the charts - he is shooting off his words as if he was in a different time zone. The production focuses on a heavy beat and it delivers big time to the listener. Berzerk samples the guitar riff of The Stroke from Billy Squier. As expected, Eminem takes quick verbal jags at other hip-hop stars like Birdman and Timbaland and he also makes fun of Kloe Kardashian who he refers to as the ”the ugly Kardashian” , and of Lamar Odom’s alleged problems with drugs. The video sees Eminem in front of a massive boombox and is joined by friends like  Kendrick Lamar, Rick Rubin and Kid Rock. What I really liked about this song is that it's breath of fresh air in the bland hip-hop music of today. Yes, the Em is back in full force and he has gone totally berzerk by going back to his hip-hop roots.Word up!