Queen unreleased material may lead to full album

The late great Freddie Mercury
If rumours are true, there might be a new Queen album on the way featuring the legendary and one-and-only Freddie Mercury. Music-news.com reports the band, which also features drummer Roger Taylor and now retired bassist John Deacon last released new music featuring Mercury in 1995, when the singer's final recordings were paired up with archive tracks and restructured versions of his solo songs for the album Made In Heaven. At the Freddie For A Day event in Mayfair this weekend, May told iHeart Radio: "We thought we'd exhausted everything that was around and could be worked on, but since then a number of things have come to light from various sources that we'd just plain forgotten about, including the stuff with Freddie and Michael Jackson. Just a couple of weeks ago, we thought: Maybe we shouldn't be just working on bits and pieces? Maybe we should be heading towards an album? It just might be." A number of unreleased Queen songs have leaked as bootlegs over the years, in various states of completion. Their archives also include unreleased material with David Bowie, Andy Gibb and Rod Stewart, and one rumoured Michael Jackson collaboration, Victory, remains unheard, and could be included in this project.