Rock chick Avril Lavigne and shock rocker Marilyn Manson teams up for a duet, Bad Girls

Satan, sorry, I mean, Marilyn Manson has recorded a duet, Bad Girl, with bad-ass chick Avril Lavigne that will appear on Avril's new CD.  The track opens with '90s shock-rocker Manson snarling, "Just lay your head in daddy's lap/ You're a bad girl." A rock beat kicks in and Manson continues to groan as Lavigne dishes out some eyebrow-raising lyrics. "Hey, hey, I'll let you walk all over me/ You know that I'm a little tease/ But I want it pretty please/ You know I'm crazy/ I just want to be your baby," she sings. "You can f--- me, you can play me/ You can love me, you can hate me." In a recent interview with NNE, Avril said, "The record is really diverse. Themes with pop-rock, but we also have piano ballads with orchestra.” The star recently unveiled new single 'Let Me Go', which features guest vocals from her husband Chad Kroeger of Nickelback fame (Nickelback will be touring South Africa in December). Listen to the track, HERE!