HOT! Seether teams up with Van Coke Kartel

What do you get when you bring two of South Africa’s greatest rock bands together? A song of epic rock proportions! Van Coke Kartel and Seether collaborated for 5FM’s RockVember Mashlab and experimented with both their styles to produce the next big rock song - Goodbye Tonight. The chemistry between Seether and Van Coke Kartel was right on the money.  “The process went faster than the most stuff we write ourselves when we work on an album”, says Wynand Myburgh, bassist for Van Coke Kartel. This Mashlab flowed so well that Van Seether Kartel, as they jokingly refer to themselves in this project, created three versions of Goodbye Tonight – Afrikaans, English and a mix of the two (the official release for radio) where Sean Morgan and Francois van Coke swop around their languages in some parts, making this song interesting listening as well as powerful.