REVIEW! Nickelback blows Cape Town away

Canadian rockers Nickelback knows how to surprise a person. The toured South Africa for the first time and I got the chance to go see them on the last leg of their SA tour and last show of their international tour in Cape Town. A full house with rock music playing while the audience wait for the Chad and the boys to get on to stage. Things really got interesting when suddenly the volume was turned up full blast (I could feel my underpants vibrating with the bass and drums!) as Pantera’s awesome metal tune ‘Walk’ played. As the song was ending the lights went out and madness took over when Nickelback appeared on stage. This was their Greatest Hits Tour and fans weren’t disappointed at all as the band ripped through their hits. Chad has an excellent on stage personality – interacting with the crowd whenever he can. Of course the band also kept up with amusing the audience when their roadie took to the stage every few minutes to bring the band some shooters they had to drink! Chad jokingly referred to Gin & Tonic as a “panty remover”. It was their lesser known hit, “Figured It Out” that blew the audience away – what a powerful song! A touching moment was the tribute they paid to former South African president, Nelson Mandela. That gripped the audience and was received with lots of screaming and clapping. Visually the band didn’t disappoint. A brilliant light show with big LED screens showing various images brought the whole concert closer to the audience. In a nutshell, one of the best indoor rock concerts I’ve EVER seen in South Africa.