GRAMMY AWARDS! My favourite Grammy moments...

I'm a music animal. Since a very young boy I've devoured everything musical - be it music magazines, my favourite music shows on radio and TV (in South Africa shows like Pop Shop & Fast Forward), and of course, the highlight of my yearly musical experience - the annual Grammy Awards. With the 56th Grammy Awards taking place this Sunday, 26 January (airing live on Channel O Monday 27 January, DStv channel 320, from 03:00 until 06:30) I thought I'll share some of my best Grammy moments.

1.Eurythmics - Sweet Dream - 1984
I've always loved Eurythmics. Their ever evolving music style gripped me and the various transformations of Annie Lennox baffled me. This song, performed at the 1984 Grammy Awards, made me jump up and sing along. Sweet Dreams will always be a legendary Eurythmics song.

2. Prince & The Revolution - Baby, I'm A Star - 1985
The first ever seven single (7") I bought was When Doves Cry by Prince & The Revolution. I was hooked by this mysterious character and his his various enigmas. I got to know Prince with the soundtrack of his brilliant movie, Purple Rain. At the 1985 Grammy Awards, he and The Revolution gave a mind blowing performance of the song, Baby, I'm A Star!Watch the video with the link below!

3. Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror & The Way You Make Me Feel - 1988
For me, Michael Jackson was the god of music. Seriously. In the early 80s with Thriller, I was addicted. His voice. His dance moves. The moonwalk. Everything. When Michael came on TV, I screamed like a girl. I loved him and have always thought (in the post-Thriller years) that his music was brilliant. In 1988 he performed The Way You Make Me Feel and Man In The Mirror at the Grammy Awards. Awesome!

4. Gorillaz, Madonna & De La Soul - 2006
I was there! I was there! I was fortunate enough to be part of an international media delegation who got to attend the 48th Grammy Awards. The opening was spectacular! Animated act Gorillaz took to the stage to perform the Record of the Year-nominated "Feel Good Inc.," joined briefly by the real De La Soul and a hologram of Madonna. But when the real Madge appeared onstage moments later to perform her 2005 hit "Hung Up," with its sexy dancing and ABBA samples, the Grammy crowd truly let loose.

5. Kanye West & Daft Punk - Stronger - 2008
Daft Punk is one of those electro bands that you either love or hate. I love them. They are mysterious as there is all this mystery surrounding them as you always see them wearing this robot helmets. In 2007 Kanye West released the single Stronger which sampled a track from the French house duo, Daft Punk. At the Grammy's in 2008, Kanye performed the song and the elusive Daft Punk made an appearance during the performance, which almost lifted the roof of the venue as people when crazy! I also went crazy!

6. Eminem & Elton John - Stan - 2001
Slim Shady, aka Eminem, outraged the LGBT community with  the homophobia-tinged lyrics on his 2000 album "The Marshall Mathers LP". Superstar and gay activist Elton John crossed the picket lines and joined Em's performance of "Stan" at the ceremony in a move that was musically powerful, as well as political.

7. Adele's return - Rolling In The Deep - 2012
The British super star had the music world worried when she had throat surgery that threatened her career in 2011. During the 2012 Grammy's the singer returned to the biggest musical stage with her hit Rolling In The Deep, showing fans and the world that she is OK! Of course, the venue went crazy, Adele lifted the roof. She got a standing ovation and fist-pumping from Sir Paul McCartney.