Van Coke Kartel to be turned into old "omies"

Local rockcers Van Coke Kartel will be turned into old "omies" (elderly men) for their latest music video, Klein Wêreld (As SA jou Wêreld is). The song is from their latest album Bloed, Sweet & Trane. The video will be shot on Wednesday 2 April. The lads will completely transform themselves as they did when they dressed up as tannies from the 80’s in the Dis ‘n Land video.  This time Chasing Migada Productions in Association with Cosmesis Advanced Prosthetics will turn Van Coke Kartel into elderly men. The goal, says director Quinton Lavery, "Is that we want to put the band in an old age home, amongst real elderly people and for people not to know who they are.” Cosmesis, a make-up and prosthetics effects studio who has worked on high profile projects such as Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, The Girl and Four Corners, has begun the transformation process using cutting edge make-up and special effects. The band went for full head casts and moulding on the 8th of March.  That alone took 2 hours per band member.  “The moulding was extremely scary”, says Wynand Myburgh.  “You sit for 50 minutes while you can’t hear, see or move your mouth.”  Jedd Kossew had to do his moulding in sections, because “it feels like you are buried alive underground.  It is really extreme.” On the day of the shoot they will undergo 4-6 hours of onset make-up, hair and wardrobe to transform them into old men. This will be a little tricky with the bands new drummer, Dylan as he has some pretty long dreadlocks, but all will be revealed in the completed video. All in all with 3 weeks of pre-production, over 12 hours of make-up and a full day of filming, this music video will be at the forefront of make-up prosthetics in South Africa.