Rapper Action Bronson gets his own TV show: Fuck, That’s Delicious

Action Bronson
Remember the dude/rapper Action Bronson (aka Bam Bam aka Bronsalino) who toured with Eminem on his Rapture Tour? The one who kept on smoking on stage during the Eminem tour of South Africa? Well, he is getting his own TV show, Fuck, That’s Delicious. MTV.com reports that in the first episode, which will air in May, cameras follow Bam Bam as he eats his way through New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa during Eminem’s Rapture Tour. Plus, he hits some of his favourite New York eateries like Roberta’s in Brooklyn and Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Action’s native Queens. “You always hear me rapping about things; this is a rare chance you get to actually see it,” Bronsalino says to the camera to open, before diving some 20 feet off of a boat and splashing into a body of water. From there, it’s all about food.