SHOCKING! Cher sued for alleged discrimination

Oh my, seems like Cher is in a bit of a pickle. reports that three of her backup dancers have filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday. This comes after the three claim they were wrongfully fired from her current tour and the singer engaged in racial discrimination. According to reports,  the lawsuit alleges Cher remarked that there were too many dark-skinned dancers on her tour and instructed her choreographer to hire a white dancer over a qualified black performer. The lawsuit states the dancers were fired from Cher's "Dressed to Kill" tour after informing managers that another dancer assaulted an unidentified woman in a hotel room while on tour. Two of the plaintiffs, who are black, say their race was a motivating factor in their dismissal. The third dancer cites age discrimination as a factor in her firing," reports Liz Rosenberg, Cher's publicist,  denies the allegations and says there is no truth to them.