Kid Rock surprises fan on his 30th birthday

Kid Rock is the real American Bad Ass. Not in a bad way, but in a super-awesome-you-rock way! He surprised his "biggest" fan on his 30th birthday. Huffington Post reports that "In August, Dan McGurk, who has Down Syndrome, posted a video on YouTube in which he invited his favourite singer to his upcoming birthday dinner. “It’s not until 27,” Dan said in the clip, showing off his sizable collection of Kid Rock memorabilia. “I’m the biggest and number one Kid Rock fan,” he said in the video. “Please be there for my 30th birthday … I hope you come.” One would think that many rock and pop and super stars get invitations like this, but not everyone responds to it, not if you are Kid Rock. The dude surprised Dan on his birthday party and sang for him Happy Birthday. And of course, Kid gave his #1 fan presents: a cap, a photograph and a custom guitar. You rock Kid! Check out the awesome moment below!!