Mariah Carey hits a "false note" in Tokyo

Could it be true? Super star Mariah Carey not hitting the high notes anymore? Oh boy! reports that "Mariah Carey has been criticised for delivering poor vocals at her Japan show this weekend. The R&B diva was the subject of several Twitter rants following a lacklustre performance in Tokyo Saturday night, marking the first date on her Elusive Chanteuse World Tour. A video went viral after the gig appearing to show the pop star struggling to hit her notes, TMZ reported. "It's a wrap for Mariah Carey's singing career," one user wrote, according to UK newspaper The Mirror. "Mariah Carey should've bowed out right when her voice was giving out. Save herself the embarrassment,' another echoed. "I see why Mariah Carey never sings live anymore. That's why,' another Twitter user scoffed. A spokesperson for the singer suggested her team hasn't heard a word of poor reviews. "The comments we have heard from the fans have been great!" her representative told The Mirror.