CD! Barry Manilow - My Dream Duets

Barry Manilow is a global superstar, acknowledged by his industry peers with Emmy, Tony and Grammy awards, and by record buyers who have pushed his album sales past 80 million copies sold to date. His loyal fans (affectionately known as “Fanilows”) eagerly await his each new recording and live appearance. For his Verve Music debut MY DREAM DUETS, Manilow demonstrates that he too is a fan -- celebrating his own musical heroes who have inspired him through the years. From cherished idols like Judy Garland and Louis Armstrong to more contemporary icons like Whitney Houston and John Denver. Barry has joined together with them in his “virtual recording studio”, emerging with a collection of remarkable duet classics. Although the extraordinary guest artists on MY DREAM DUETS are no longer with us, Manilow’s mission is to ensure their immortal voices live on to excite and entertain all generations of music lovers. These musical pairings remind listeners why the legacies of these great stars endure. This is made abundantly clear on MY DREAM DUETS, where Barry has personally selected a collection of golden era and contemporary standards, all written for single (and singular) voices, brilliantly rearranging them as seamless vehicles for two. In doing so, he's reinvented each song, transforming them into recordings that are instantly familiarly, yet refreshingly new.