IDOLS SA! Cheers Kyle sad :(

I was really upset when Kyle Deutschmann got voted off Idols SA. South African public, what is wrong with you! This guys has it all: the voice, the looks, the hot bod and much much more. But yes, let me crawl into my little corner and sulk over the loss of Kyle. At least The Beat caught up with him after the shocking exit.

First things first, what did you make of the vote? I'm obviously disappointed with how the voting went last night, mainly because I was super excited to sing Loliwe - Zahara for the country in memory of Senzo Mayiwa but this is how the cookie crumbles sometimes. I’m in high spirits for my future though.

What goes through a contestant mind when waiting for the results to be announced? Well in my mind I prepare myself for the bad news each week and each week you don’t hear it you count it as a blessing. There's no words to actually explain the real feeling you experience when up there though.

Where did you love for music started? My love for music has been there ever since I can remember. My father was a great fan of good melodic music and I guess that this subconsciously formed my love for music from a very young age without me even knowing it.

With you now out of Idols, what are your musical future plans? Musically I have recorded a whole lot of material and this is ready to be released as soon as I am able to do so. I cannot wait to burst out onto the music scene and I'm sure that SA is going to love what they will hear. Well at least I hope they will;)

How would you describe your music style? I would say it is very " contemporary current & urban' with strong vocal melody's and hip-hop/house influences as well.

What music do you listen to? I listen to everything except hard rap, hard rock and trance. Otherwise Im open to anything with a stong melody.

How do you balance your music with your job as a chiropractor at Glenwood High School? With my two Chiropractic practices, one in Westville North and the other in Glenwood, I work half day at each, Westville in the morning then through to Glenwood in the afternoon. I am then off to studio in the evenings to record with my boys. Things may change a bit now but we'll just play it by ear and see what opportunities arise.

You're also a model and a national beach soccer player. How do you stay in shape and do you think looks/fashion style plays any role in a person's ambitions/goals? I stay in shape by being very active. I try train 4 times a week at least. An active life style is important health wise more so then for the looks. But I could quote health tips all day;) I think that having your own look and identity whether it’s on point with the trend or not is irrelevant, it’s important for people to have a firm identity of who "Kyle / You" is/are for the public to view and constantly identify with. BUT if we look at the most successful artists, it seems that looks do count.

You've recorded music before. Tell us more about it? I've recorded enough music to have a solid album and I can’t wait to release this for the world to hear. I've been holding it very close to my chest for a long time now waiting for the day, that should be soon to follow, when I can release it all. There is a track out now with Cassper Nyovest titled "Alive" which SA is really loving at the moment even though it is yet to be released as a single off the album. There is also a track that I am featured on on the DJ Fisherman album that was released recently, so people can look out for those.

How would you describe your time on Idols? My time on Idols was unforgettably surreal. It has been a huge milestone in my life and I will cherish it forever. I hope to one day be able to say that this experience was the stepping stone and the platform to the success I have today.

Who was your biggest supporter(s) throughout your time on Idols? My family and friends have all be unbelievably generous with their time and finances. My mom stayed up in JHB with family friends for over a month, this astounded me. How did they put up with her for that long...haha ;) But ya this just speaks of the love and generosity. My fans and people back home and all around the country have also been unbelievable.

What advice would you give to the remaining Idols contestants? Push Push Push, work as hard as you can. The end is near. The best advise I've received and I'll give it to you guys is "JUST DONT SUCK" do whatever it takes to, just not suck.