Getting the lowdown on local rapper, K-black-Tha-KineticG

1st things first K-black-Tha-KineticG real name Kabelo Khangela born and bred in Mamelodi, Pretoria. He is a music composer, author, publisher, rap artist, song Writer, recording artist and performer. Kabelo has been rapping since an early age but started recording in 2011 when he released his 1st single One2Heavy. He is currently working on his 1st mixtape titled "Welcome To KineticWorld" which is due for release in 2015. He got the name K-black he got in Howick Durban during a high school camp back in 2009 while in grade 11, because he was also a science student which is one of the additives on his lyrical content, he added the word Kinetic as a way to describe his movement and hustle. Growing up as a young kid some of his influences include the likes of Vommon, 50cent, DMX, The Anvils, Hidden Force, Amu, Zola and Pro Kid, just to mention a few.

New Single: I have two singles at the moment which I’m pushing which is Breath(haemoglobic) and Alcohol Species, but Breath(haemoglobic) is the 1st single I shot a music video for, which is that hard-core rap song that sounds a bit old skool also because the instrumental is taken from one of the late Biggie's songs. The video is shot by Coopervix and directed by K-black-Tha-KineticG himself and was released in 19 September 2014 as a free download and the reception has been really great reaching over 1000 downloads on kasimp3 and 300 views on YouTube.

1st CD I ever bought: Pro Kid's Snakes and Ladders, but with my own money it was L-tido's All or Nothing. LOL. I support local hip-hop like that.

What I’m doing for Xmas? Basically just sharing the links of my songs on our social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. People have money to spend on data so its not a hustle to just a few bundles on YouTube and what’s a better gift other than music?

Biggest accomplishment so far? Being on the Come Up Tour and perfoming at their big event titled battle of the cities as he was representing his hood Pretoria, my song "Alcohol Species" getting some airplay on Tshwane FM and working with international artists on my mixtape. Some of my recent collabos include Nigerian artist "RhymeDeep".

1st thing I want to achieve in 2015? To finally release my mixtape "Welcome To KineticWorld" and publish songs for other artists which I’m managing one of them namely J-tease. And hopefully start my own clothing brand.