Up close and personal with sizzling local singer Ashlinn Gray

The Beat caught up with local singing sensation Ashlinn Gray to talk about Taylor Swift, One Direction, her favourite song to sing in the shower and her musical guilty pleasure

I was first introduced to music....in 2007 when my sister wanted to start singing. She had the natural ability but I was pretty close to tone deaf. I was and still am very competitive, so I wanted to beat her at her own game and started practicing every day for competitions we participated in.

I grew up listening to....mostly pop music from Hillary Duff and the Kelly Clarkson. But I really found my favourite genre only 3 years ago when my best friend introduced me to indie music. It honestly made music so much more exciting! It really resonates with me.

My first CD I bought was...Atomic Kitten! I remember getting it for my birthday and playing it every night as I was falling asleep! I still remember the lyrics to most of their songs off that album!

The CD I will hide away from friends when they come over to visit is....Josh Groben. I really love his voice and it makes me feel all inspirational and passionate. 

The one thing people don't know about me is....I love unpacking the dishwasher. I thinks it's because I have a bit of OCD, so when things are in place and clean I get really excited. (might regret saying this one day)

Being compared to Taylor Swift is....a huge compliment! I love her! She really is the celebrity I look up to the most. I like how she stands up for herself and speaks her mind.

If I had One Direction tickets I would...never admit how excited was...I'm not a fan girl but those boys are beautiful and really know how to put on a good show.

My favourite song to sing in the shower/bath is...Take Me to Church! You can totally belt it at the top of your lungs and feel so free!

I was so embarrassed when...I walked out of the bathrooms at a shopping mall and my skirt was tucked into my underwear! I don't even know how it in got there! I'm one of those clumsy people who always end up embarrassing themselves.

Same sex marriages should not be judged. I think everyone has the right to make their own decisions as it is their life.

(Photo credits: Natalie Field)