Timbaland is the 'king' of music for TV's hottest show, Empire

Since the first episode of the Fox TV series Empire, you can hear the musical influence of American rapper, record producer, and songwriter and music genius Timbaland. It's hard to miss his signature beats and subtle touches to all songs in Empire. He is the executive music producer for the show. Empire is the first TV series for Timbaland, who is best known for working with Jay Z, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. Lee Daniels, co-creator of Fox’s new series “Empire,” told Variety  “In three days, he gave me some music that was just astounding, and I said ‘Done’,” Lee says. He adds, “The story drives the music, the music doesn’t drive the story. That was very important to me that we’re not just popping out musical numbers for the sake of popping out musical numbers.” The producer, who is used to working in the studio at his own pace says that he is challenged by the speed of television. “We’ll get a script in late, they’ll need a song by the next day or the day after,” he explains. “There’s no time to think too much about anything. It’s an adrenaline rush. I’m still learning how it works,” he told the New York Post. On Wednesday 18 March season 1 will come to an end with a bang in a 2 hour series finale (in South Africa the final will be aired as two separate episodes on 6 and 13 May). Commenting on season 1 coming to an end he told musictimes.com "Now that I'm at the end of the show, I'm learning how TV shows work. I feel like as we go along, just like in any business, your first is not your top. Sometimes it might take a year or two to get to the crème de la crème. I feel like as we get more and more into the episodes, I think when we get to season two, I feel like that's when you're going to really see the music. Because right now you're going to see the drama of a woman being used and a man becoming very powerful."