Jess Glynne Drops Debut Album

Heartbreak? We've all been there. So has Jess Glynne - and it's what has inspired much of her new album, I Cry When I Laugh. Jess describes the day that she signed her record contract as ‘the happiest and saddest day of my life.’ This was her biggest professional accomplishment to date but Jess was in pieces after coming out of a two-year relationship. On this album, Jess explores both her heartache and her triumph and has been described as an "emotional rollercoaster." ‘I needed to believe in it,’ she says. ‘I needed the record to tell a story. I needed it to feel like me.’ By looking inwards she hopes to reach out. ‘This album is about a girl who was a happy-go-lucky person, a bit of trouble, got her heart-broken and found her way through that not by being sad but by seeing hope and not letting it overtake her.’ I Cry When I Laugh is available on iTunes.