Mymymy EP - ‘Ons S'n Is Beter’

‘Ons S'n Is Beter’ (Ours is better) is the title of MYMYMY’s debut EP launching on Tuesday, 27 September.
The thing about electronic music is that it can be made to feel quite impersonal, but that’s certainly not the case with electronic power duo MYMYMY. 

Perhaps it’s their combination of clever lyrics and organic sounding vocals. It goes beyond selecting good samples, layering, mixing and all that when an electronic act is able to stir something in you. Something memorable. 

Conrad van Breda and Jana Oosthuizen have been making music together in various states of consciousness for 6 years in and around Cape Town. Even after long periods of absence and drama worthy of several TV soaps, they seem to drift together after every break-up, post early 20’s hangover and periods of chronic domesticity to create that which binds them - music. 

To celebrate the release of ‘ONS S'N IS BETER’, MYMYMY put together a teaser. Watch it here:

MYMYMY also released a teaser soundbite of their most brow-raising track to date off their debut EP, titled ‘Die Naweek’. Take a listen here:

MYMYMY is a electronic music concept that is sure to change preconceived ideas of the genre in both the English and Afrikaans market in South Africa. As this synth pop duo puts it, “Someone fiddles with knobs and keys. Someone's lips parts seductively. Amazing sounds follow.”

Keep an eye on these kids.