Ashtray Electric going skin deep

Local rockers Ashtray Electric used their own DNA for the cover of their new CD, Measured in Fall, which will be released in June. The album cover shot features actual DNA strands of the band members. Each band member had the inside of their cheeks swabbed with an ear bud. The epithelial (skin cell) tissue extracted from each member was lysed (breaking down of the cell wall) to expose the entire genetic genome into the lysed material. The DNA was then purified from all other cellular bodies and amplified using PCR technology. Each sample of DNA was then cut using a cocktail of enzymes and run in separate lanes on a Electrophoresis Gell giving rise to the 4 smears witnessed on the image. The broken band in the 5th lane is a simple molecular weight marker.
The band's new album will be launched with a nationwide tour in June/July, kicking off at The Assembly in Harrington Street, Cape Town on Saturday 11 June.
Ashtray Electric has simply been doing their own thing. Winner of MK`s Best Newcomer Award 2009 and voted to have the potential to be SA`s next musical export, Ashtray Electric have been leaving their gutsy footprints at venues and festivals nationwide. Their music is laced with engaging melodies and packed with galloping riffs and attitude. Add to that their signature sleazy-slow motion sexiness and you`ll find this unique package of four musicians that have skilfully made their mark.
Ashtray Electric first unapologetically gallivanted onto the SA Music Scene three years ago. Their debut album “Bonjour” received rave reviews from fans and media alike. Music journalist Atiyyah Khan commented: “Ashtray Electric is in fashion. They most certainly ignite something electric on stage.” 
Measured in Falls introduces Ashtray Electric`s new musical progression. It is not merely a collection of songs; it is an album in the full sense of the word. The new tracks are warm, luscious, and extraordinary. The album contains 11 brand new tracks, as well as their popular single “Release” (with Gazelle) as a bonus track. “Release” enjoyed high rotation on 5fm and national campus radio stations and the video reached no 1 on MK.