CD REVIEW: Back to the 80s Vol. 2

I'm a kid of the 80s. I grew up in the 80s. The era of big and bad hair styles, tight leather pants, stadium rock tunes and cheesy pop and electronic music. But I loved it! Every minute of it. And to add sugar to my guilty pleasure David Gresham Record Company now released a great 80s compilation, Back To The 80s Vol. 2. This CD is by far better than the previous one (Back to the 80s Vol. 1). It's packed with songs that actually remind me a lot more of that era than the first CD. So take a walk down memory lane to the “hottest” old school tunes of the mid and late 80s on this double disc of guilty pleasure music. Yes, you will give your age away if you start singing along, but honestly, it’s huge fun! Artists here include Billy Idol, Eurythmics, Starship, Wham! and more.