DVD Review: Mango Groove in Concert

Where were you when you heard the sweet addictive penny whistle sound of Mango Groove's Special Star, or the infectious drumming in Dance Some More? Geez, I still remember it and every time I hear those songs, it brings back memories. Fans of the band can now enjoy all their hits and more on their first ever live DVD, Mango Groove in Concert. The DVD is a uniquely South African celebration of the magic that is Mango Groove live. All the classics are there, from the early hits such as Special Star, Dance Some More, Hometalk, Moments Away and Another Country, right through to all the favourites from Mango Groove’s latest album Bang the Drum, including This is Not a Party, Hey! and Prettty. In the words of Mango Groove’s iconic lead singer Claire Johston: "It’s difficult to believe that, after all these years, this is our first ever commercially available live concert DVD. We’ve shot a number of full-length TV specials through the years, including the Sun City Superbowl and Standard Bank arena shows, but these were never available in stores.  This is something we have worked incredibly hard at, and we are really excited with the result."