CD/DVD REVIEW: The Prodigy - Live World's On Fire (Sheer Music)

The first time I ever saw electronic punks The Prodigy live was way back in 19-voertsek in the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town. They were the main act of the evening and were supported by the likes of the Kalahari Surfers (who got booed off stage) and Faithless (then still starting out). When The Prodigy finaly came on stage, all hell broke loose. It was heavy bass beats, lights and Liam, Keith, and Maxim giving us the biggest time of our lives - ever! Fast forward to 24 June 2010 where 65 000 (crazy) people crammed into The National Bowl at Milton Keynes to see the electronic punks perform some of their best hits and some new ones. The band sure knows how to excite the crowd, consistently asking if the throng is ready for what’s to follow; and those in attendance respond positively, willing to take whatever is thrown at them.The band’s Warriors Dance Festival is now captured on DVD & CD for us poor plebs, that could not be at the show, to relive the brilliant noise and dance tunes of The Prodigy. You're ears will hurt after watching this, but it's bloody brilliant!