CD REVIEW: The Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (EMI)

The Beastie Boys still has the right to party! After listening to their long awaited CD, The Beat can proudly say the guys did an awesome job by reinventing themselves for a new generation, but still stay true to their roots. After all, the Beasties were around before rap and hip-hop got hijacked by the gangstas — and, miraculously, they’re still around. As toasted by Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz (rhymes with shvitz): “Oh my God, just look at me / Grandpa’s been rappin’ since ’83.” Hot Sauce Committee Part Two echo-heavy vocals. “Funkytown” and “Popcorn” synthesizers. Steel drums. Reggae rhythms. Shout-outs to Lee Majors, Tippi Hedren, Roach Motels, Troll 2, the Lambada! We’re talking some serious wayback-machine moves here, and that’s the not-so-subtle point of this entire loopy set. Brilliant!