CD REVIEW: Rudi en Zita - Ons Lieflinge/Our Darlings - Die Engele Sing (Universal)

He is charming. She is sexy. Together they are refreshing youthful and stylish contempory. Rudi Claase and Zita Pretoius are South Africa's proudest vocal discovery! Pay attention to the excellent album “Die Engele sing” (The Angels sing). Stamped with vocal and orchestral splendor and purity, the duo Rudi & Zita offers a multilingual double album with 24 beautiful songs in different genres - from smoldering ballads and exuberant pop hits to melancholic country favorites and moving gospel songs. Rudi, the founder of this vocal concept, gained valuable experience during a work session in America and closed a record deal. He has over 400 original songs composed. With this expertise he adds six new songs with immediate impact for this collection. The singers' voices are complemented by a live string orchestra, polished with Rudi's distinctive musical style production - including arrangements, orchestration, direction, technical perfection and creative packaging. Besides boasting five contemporary spiritual songs, the album contains timeless jewels, nostalgic world hits and a selection of beautiful Afrikaans favorites. Among the cuts that showcase the artists’ craft, are Roses are red my love, Room full of roses, No more boleros, O mein Papa, Que Sera Sera, Barcarolle and Angelus. The full multilingual CD includes Nikita, Seasons in the sun, Mull of Kintyre and Wheels on fire. The album contains works in English, Afrikaans, German and French. Both CDs complete the mood with the an instrumental piano medley, that focuses on Rudi's skill as a pianist.