Down the rabbit hole with Koldproduk

Local band Koldproduk has stepped up their musical game with their banging hot new track Round and Round on which they collaborate with French singer Greg Basso. On Round and Round, the band filmed a video that is all based on Alice in Wonderland. Nicky Campos, video director who has produced videos for heavyweights like Kabelo, Danny K and HHP, briefly explained the hilarious costumes: “Basically this song is about the dynamics of relationships so it’s like boys versus girls. We decided to take an Alice in Wonderland [fairytale] theme, keeping it fun but with a bit of concept in it.”  Moki Sage, the lead vocalist in Koldproduk, says, "If you can’t find solutions for problems in your ‘relationshit’ out here in the real world, then try looking elsewhere, perhaps in the ideal world of make believe... This is pretty much the underlying theme of the chorus, interlaced with Alice’s Wonderland.  My definition of ‘relationshit’ is when a perfectly  good relationship turns to shit." Celebrites and cameos in the video include Koldproduk’s Moki Sage, T*Spark, DJ Soosh plus Greg Basso, the French artist they recorded with. "There’s an appearance by producer Ameen, and HC from Jax Pannick," says Moki, "also in the mix are dance crew Freeze Frame, plus select Facebook friends who heeded our online call."