Elvis Blue - The Mentor

Singer Elvis Blue has been asked to front Disney XD’s Aim High, a brand new initiative designed to inspire a generation of kids to get the most out of life, try new things and be the best they can be. The Beat sat down with the talented singer to find out more about his involvement with the initiative.

How did you get involved with Disney XD’s Aim High? I was approached by Disney XD, to be the main mentor for Aim High. It’s a real privilege to have been selected. They were looking for mentor who was grounded and successful in a particular field.  Its wonderful to be a role model to younger boys and it is flattering and humbling that they thought I fit the part perfectly. 

What exactly is Disney XD’s Aim High? Aim High is Disney XD (DStv Channel 304)’s, brand new initiative designed to inspire a generation of kids to get the most out of life, try new things and be the best they can be. Disney XD’s Aim High will offer fans the chance to win a Mentorship Day with Main Mentor Elvis Blue and two Mini Mentors respectively. The Mini Mentors are award winning music video producer, Kyle Lewis and renowned drummer, Justin Badenhorst. Every three months, Disney XD’s Aim High will give kids across the country the chance to win a series of mentorships in a different field to learn how to realise their true potential. Entries to win the Mentorship Day with Elvis, Kyle or Justin, closes on 10 August. Boys can go to  www.disneyxd.disney.co.za/stunt/aim-high to enter.

How long have you been involved with this and what is the main thing that it has taught you? Since the inception of the project with Disney XD, I have been involved for a couple of months.  The main part of the project, the actual Mentorship Day - still lie ahead. I suppose I will learn the most when I get to spend a day with the winner. Until now I have been inspired by Disney XD’s bold move to not only provide entertaining programming for boys, but to embark on a campaign like this that provides boys with strong and influential mentors.   The Aim High campaign is supported in various other territories around the world so I’m part of a bigger team of Disney mentors.

What exactly happens at these “Disney experiences?”
Well after Disney XD fans go on line to enter, a winner will be selected.  They then get to spend a day with me to experience “a day in the life of a musician”. On this day the winner will accompany me to a big concert, hang out with me back stage and get to meet quite a few interesting people.  He will also have a chance to make great connections in the music industry!

How many children have you mentored through Disney XD’s Aim High? The campaign only facilitates one winner per mentor.  So, the Mini Mentors Kyle and Justin will also be mentoring one person each, meaning that in total, three children will be mentored through the music phase on Aim High. Disney XD will also embark on a sport phase later this year. Details for that phase 2 will be announced later in the year.

What’s your biggest wishes for the children of South Africa? My wish for the children of the country would be that they are inspired to make a difference.