Jax Panik at the disco

Jax Panix - photo by Antonia Steyn
Jax Panik is set to release a deluxe edition CD/DVD version of their critically acclaimed CD ‘I Am Jax Panik’ on 1 August 2011. With 3 hit singles already in the bag from Jax Panik’s defining sophomore album ‘I Am Jax Panik’ - as well as strong industry recognition (against stiff competition) in the form of the 2011 SAMA Award for ‘Best Pop Album’  -  Jax Panik release a 4th single from ‘I Am Jax Panik’ this week aptly titled ‘Loser For Love’.  Included with the standard album are 5 brand new remixes of the 5 key singles from ‘I Am Jax Panik’ as well as all the official music videos to date created around the  ‘I Am Jax Panik’ project.