Locnville's predicement

So it seems there is a bit of a mud throwing going on about the new Locnville track, Stars Above You, taken from their new CD, Running To Midnight. According to mio.co.za, the song was shown shown an instant red card at commercial radio station 5fm - the station that also played Sun In My Pocket to death. The reason for the red card? Because it is not good enough." While I am not a fan of 5fm’s ridiculous programming criteria, I completely agree and don’t understand why Locnville’s record company, Just Music is mobilising fans on Facebook to force the station to play the annoying song. Surely they must stop now to avoid further embarrassment. Locnville disappoints on this track and even their most loyal fans are not impressed. On Youtube, a platform that made them international stars last year, some fans openly comment   “it [Stars Above You]  is not something I would buy. Might be South African but it's still crap.” Ouch. But one man's meat can be another man's poison.