Evanescence's new tune!

Amy Lee of Evanescence
It's been nearly four years since Evanescence finished touring in support of their The Open Door album, but now they are officially back with a roaring new single What You Want. The single went to radio stations across the globe yesterday, 9 August. Recorded in Nashville’s Blackbird Studios, and produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, RUSH, Deftones), front woman Amy Lee describes the song as being "really different" from anything in the band's back catalogue.  What You Want is most definitely a departure, the guitars buzz like a hornet's nest, the drums are pounding and primal, and the strings (arranged by Beck's father, David Campbell) swell and stab. Throw in a positively massive chorus and Amy’s beautiful melodies, profound lyrics, and poignant piano, and you've got a song that's powerful enough to shake the world to its very foundation.
What You Want deals with heady concepts, a trait that's readily apparent throughout Evanescence's new self titled album. "It's about freedom - that's definitely a constant theme on the record” Lee says, "and the chorus - 'remember who you really are' - that's exactly everything you could assume it means."
Evanescence have also been focused on finishing the track listing for their album, due 10 October and finalising the routing for their world tour. So watch out, maybe they'll be touching base in SA again!