Katy Perry & the Smurfs!

Katy and Smurfette
The colourful singer Katy Perry, famous for her cool yet wacky outfits, is adding yet another "colour" to her career - Blue! The California Gurls singer is the voice of the voice little blue Smurfette in the new film, Smurfs. Katy is crazy about animated movies and was really stoked when the producers asked her to star as the voice of Smurfette.
She told teenmusic.com, "I wanted to be part of The Smurfs because I’m such a big fan of the animation world and the animated films because they (target) so many people; people my age, younger, much older. Everyone can enjoy them. I’ve always been interested in doing voice-related things. That’s my job. I use my voice every single day so it’s very natural and I feel very cartoony a lot of times because of the way I present myself so it was a natural progression." Smurfs director Raja Gosnell says that he loved her voice when he first it. "When Katy’s voice hit, there was such a cute, babydoll/sophistication/innocence all mixed together in one voice and she managed to contain all those things in a few short sentences. That, to us, was Smurfette."
Although the movie is a well-known kiddies story, Katy feels that it's for all ages. "It’s a film that all ages can enjoy. It caters to the young person inside of you because the Smurfs (T.V.) show existed in the past and those kids have grown up and [they now want] to reminisce and have that familiar feeling of when they were a kid watching the show. Then you get to introduce it to a whole new audience now. There are no sneaky innuendoes or taboo things. It’s a positive story with a sweet side. It’s a great message. It’s family-oriented and that’s why I wanted to be a part of it."