Kelly Clarkson is Stronger

Kelly Clarkson (Sony)
Former American Idol winner and now super star Kelly Clarkson is about to release her latest CD, Stronger. The CD will hit American stores on 25 October and will be preceded by her new single Mr KNow It All, which will released live on a webcast on her web page on 30 August, and hitting radio stations the next day. The singer recently wrote on her official web page, "Can't wait for y'all to hear the new single! The band and I are really excited and currently gearing up for this record! It's gonna be a fun record to tour!" MTV reports that the original "American Idol" winner has been patiently anticipating a release date for the disc, telling fans last month that the long wait would soon be over. "Just found out my single is hitting radio in August!" she tweeted. "Woohoo! It sounds great as well! Can't wait for y'all to hear it!" But just an hour later, Clarkson apologized for getting a bit too excited. "Okay please do not get angry but it might be September for my single," she wrote. "My calendar was messed up! I'm so sorry! BUT it might be late August! It's a huge bummer waiting but I promise it'll be worth it! Stupid technology!!" The album, originally teased as a late 2010 release, was pushed back to early 2011, with Clarkson filling the gap in February by talking up her influences, such as Prince, Tina Turner, Radiohead, Sheryl Crow and Aretha Franklin, and hitting the studio with producer Rodney Jerkins. In early February, she announced, with a bit of consternation, that the then-untitled album was finished but had been pushed back until September. Then, last month, three songs that are reportedly slated for the album leaked, just a week after another new tune, the rocking "Let Me Down," surfaced online. The new songs, which were quickly scrubbed from the Internet, also included the ballad "Forgive You" and the pop-rocker "Dumb + Dumb = You."