The Living Proof - Mary J. Blige is back

Mary J Blige strutting her stuff on stage
Well-known singer/songwriter/actress Mary J. Blige is back with a brand new tune The Living Proof taken from the new movie The Help. reports that The Help, based on the popular novel, so rocked Mary's world that she was inspired to write an emotional song for the movie’s soundtrack. Living Proof was written in honour of the resilience of the wonderful African-American characters in the film.
"The management at my label approached me about seeing a screening of the movie. I saw the movie and I cried so hard, I laughed so hard and got pissed. There was all kind of stuff I was going through and I was encouraged and inspired. I would type on my blackberry each emotion I had while seeing the film. By the time I got to the studio, the song was almost written," she explains about the birth of the song. The movie deals with race issues in the American South way-back when America was plagued by it and Mary says her parents are from the South. "Both my parents are from Savannah, Georgia and, when we were children, we would go down South every summer and my aunt Laura Belle worked for a wealthy, white family. The children loved her. The family loved her. They were at her funeral. She passed ten years ago. That’s my personal connection."
Mary says that she deals with race to race cruelty like one of the movies characters, Abileen (played by Viola Davis), "When she was fired, she said that to forgive your enemies is hard to do but it starts by being honest. The only way we can be free is to forgive our abusers, to forgive racism. That’s the only way to be free and successful in life. If you do anything else you’ll end up in prison or dead." She also explains that with Living Proof, she wanted to tell people her story, being a survivor. I’m a survivor of a lot of things. Being the “living proof”, you’re living to tell someone what not to do or how to do it right. You speak your experience from your heart and are proof that you can survive these things.