Simple Plan: It started with a Tweet...

Simple Plan (Gallo)
Canadian punk-pop-rockers Simple Plan probably deserves an award for a song constructed entirely out of Tweets from their fans. The band was working on their new CD Get Your Heart On! and they needed lyrics for a track on the new CD. Pierre Bouvier, singer for the group, explains on the band's official band page they wanted to write a song about the emotional power music can hanve in one's life and they also wanted to capture the sentiment behind the thousands of letters they receive each month. "These letters are pretty overwhelming and humbling at the same time, so we wanted to somehow pay homage to those fans. Myself and drummer Chuck Comeau were sitting there going, 'I don't know, what do you think they would say?' and Chuck decided to post a Twittet message on Chuck's Twitter feed, saying: 'We decided to write a song about you guys. Can you tell me how our music had made you feel through the years?"
Simple Plan's Get Your Heart On!
 In a short while, the responses started to stream in. "It was a deluge, like a hurricane of answers," says Chuck. Based on those Tweets, Pierrie and Chuck came up with the album closer, This Song Saved my Life. "Every word is taken from the messages we got from fans. It's a tribute to these loyal souls," marvels Chuck. The band even invited 25 of their fans to sing on the track after the band tweeted an invite.
Get Your Heart On! is the band's fourth studio album and a fun revved-up energy driven collection of songs, which features guest appearances by Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, British pop princess Natasha Bedingfield, rapper K'Naan and Alex Gaskarth of American pop-punk band All Time Low. Simple Plan bassist David Desrosiers says that with their previous album they took a slight detour with a darker, more beat driven sound, but with Get Your Heart On! they wanted something different. "We love and are proud of our third album and I feel like it was a record we had to make because we wanted to do something different, but now it's time to get back to the high energy songs. We were really itching to have a batch of fast-tempo songs, because they are really fun to play live."
And with batch of song, the band do mean batch of songs. Simple Plan usually comes up with ideas for songs, and only choose a couple that they will record and what will make it to final cut. "This time, we forces ourselves to finish every idea, so we ended up with around 70 songs, from where we narrowed it down to 30 and finally to 11 that are included on Get Your Heart On!," explains Chuck. Guitarist Jeff Stinco adds: "We treated every song like it was a possible single, which is why the album took us a bit longer to make than we had anticipated. But it was so worth it because there isn't one thing we could change. We poured everything we had into making it." And that is quite evident when listening to Get Your Heart On! It's probably the best album yet by the band.