Sugababes candy shop

Super sexy and sweet Sugababes
After the lukewarm, and very low-key reception, of British all girl group Sugababes 2010 CD, Sweet 7, we thought that the ladies will just fade into pop history. But it's seems it's not the case! After years in the music business and pumping out classic sugary sweet addictive pop music like Freak Like Me, Stronger, Push the Button and Ugly, to name a few, and many changes  in the line-up in the band, the latest incarnation of Sugababes, Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen, are about to bounce back onto the charts with their latest single, Freedom, taken from their yet untitled eighth CD, which should be released later this year. The ladies also signed a new three-album contract with their new label, Sony.
The ladies told that fans are in for a real treat with Freedom. "It's not a revamp of the old George Michael song," they explain," but rather a big, epic and anthemic song. It's up there with our song Freak." Jade said that the problem with Sweet 7 was, "it was too American. With our new CD, we were all involved. It was a hand on approach. This one is so real as the sound is big powerful vocals and we want to flaunt with that."
Heidi is super excited about Freedom, which should hit radio station soon, and says that "the responses we had so far from fans on twitter is just amazing. With this song we try to recapture the Sugababes essence."
For those who haven't heard the song yet, it's best described as something with a dubsteppy edge and strong vocals with gritty verses with a funky sing-along chorus,  "Tonight is the night that we break the speed of light. So stand up, come alive, liberate yourself 'cause freedom starts tonight. Stand up!"