NO Adele in Dublin

Ok ok, so not quite true, but it does sounds good. The Independent newspaper in London reported that a music shop in Dublin has apparently banned customers from playing Adele's music on its keyboards. Opus ii has placed a sign in its window saying "Strictly NO Adele" as a warning to amateur musicians who enter the shop. Adele's hit 'Someone Like You' has become a favourite for keyboard players who visit the store to test out the instruments. "It's become the piano equivalent of 'Stairway To Heaven'. Everyone thinks they can play it," Warren, an Opus ii shop assistant, told the newspaper. "The sign was a bit of a joke, but the song can drive you mad." The store has also placed a ban on Beethoven's 'Für Elise' as the composition was repeatedly performed by potential customers. We at THE BEAT just LOVE the song from Adele, so why not check it out HERE!