David Guetta inspires rapper Dr Dre

David Guetta with Beat Mixr headphones
Dr Dre
Back in the day, rapper and record executive Dr Dre got his start as a DJ for the World Class Wrecking Crew, so when it comes to the wheels of steel, the Good Doctor knows a thing or two. MTV reports that is why Beats by Dre snagged French DJ David Guetta to help develop the company's new Beats mixr headphones, designed specifically for DJs. In fact, David and the new DJ headphones have inspired Dr Dre so much that the hip-hop luminary is considering returning to the decks. "He's passionate about what he's doing," the Dr said.. "I flew all the way to Ibiza, Spain, to check him out, and I saw the show that he put together, and I was blown away, so who better to represent our DJ headphone?" "Who has helped DJs more in the world than David Guetta?" Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine added. David's Ibiza show clearly left an impression on the Chronic producer and rapper, who saw more than just a DJ, but an artist at work. "From the beginning, just the energy that he brought and all the effects that he had," Dre recalled. "He wasn't just DJing and spinning records; he put on a show, and I took that home with me. I fell in love with the show." It's no secret that Dr Dre has been fine-tuning is long-awaited Detox album, but what fans may not know is that the former N.W.A producer has at least thought about returning to the DJ booth. "I've actually been talking about it a little bit; dusting my hands off and getting back in the DJ scene," he said. "We'll see what's up with that in the future." David Guetta is performing with Akon in South Africa this weekend. For more ticket info, check out www.computicket.co.za.