Lady Gaga - The Movie

Lady Gaga
Rumours have it that Lady Gaga is apparently working on her first acting role! According to News of the World, Lay Gaga has her sights on a feature film, and wants to make sure it’s done exactly the way she wants it. According to industry sources, the film would be a cross between Michael Jackson’s 1988 long-form music movie Moonwalker and the 2006 film adaptation of Dreamgirls. “She wants to work with the best people in the business," the source said. X-Men and The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer is reportedly being discussed as a director for the as-yet-untitled Gaga movie. The source added, "She's very excited about a movie, but she wants to do it right. Straight music is never going to be enough for her. If she isn't breaking new ground and doing new things she doesn't really feel that she is truly alive.”