NEW! Van Coke Kartel CD

Van Coke Kartel (Photo: Snakehead Venter)
Local rockers Van Coke Kartel’s fourth album Wie’s Bang will be released in November 2011.  This album follows in the wake of their three multi-award winning albums: Van Coke Kartel (self-titled), Waaksaam & Wakker and Skop, Skiet en Donner. The last two albums  both won SAMA Awards for ''Best Afrikaans Rock'' album and the first album received a SAMA nomination in this category. Wie’s Bang is Van Coke Kartel’s first album with the new four-piece line-up.  Jedd Kossew (lead guitar) and Jason Oosthuizen (drums) add their unique musical flavour to complete the band’s best work to date.  Award winning producer Theo Crous from Bellville Studios produced the album and calls it “the best sounding album” to come from his studio to date. Van Coke Kartel wanted to create an album for the people; a piece that their ever growing audience will appreciate. The band is not afraid to experiment and delivers a diverse sound, from heavy rock songs to classic rock ballads and some electronic elements in the mix ala Skop, Skiet en Donner. A few interesting surprises are also to be expected. Van Coke Kartel collaborated with Zebra & Giraffe on their first original English / Afrikaans track, ‘Siener.”  All the Bellville boys come together as the ''Bellville Choir'' on the more experimental track, “Nevermind”, and Jack Parow joins the party on ‘Chaos.” Wie’s Bang explores apocalyptic, political and party themes and guides the listener to the depth of Van Coke Kartel.As part of the Wie's Bang campaign, Van Coke Kartel is in the process of releasing a series of four comic books online.  In the comics the late Kurt Cobain challenges the band to write a rocking album. If they don’t succeed they are doomed to play sokkie treffers for the rest of their lives… The comics will be released on a limited edition flash drive, as well as in printed format by December. The first two comics have already been released. Van Coke Kartel will introduce the new album with an extensive tour in November/December 2011.