Rolling Stone SA is coming!

An iconic Rolling Stone cover (

One of the biggest and iconic music magazines in the world is finally launching its South African edition - Rolling Stone SA. Slated for a November first issue date, reports that the official Rolling Stone SA website says, “From groundbreaking ‘gonzo’ journalist Hunter S. Thompson to iconic photographer Annie Liebovitz, Rolling Stone has mapped the evolution of pop culture for the past five decades. Whether the subject is music, politics or movies, millions of readers in 17 countries across the globe turn to Rolling Stone to keep informed. Unfaltering in its coverage and unwavering in its quest for journalistic integrity, Rolling Stone SA cuts across racial and economic lines, connecting with its readership through a life-affirming celebration of local and international music, politics and culture. A first of its kind in South Africa, ahead of the curve in discovering new talent and paying tribute to iconic artists, Rolling Stone SA is the voice of South Africa.” The local edition features an award-winning and hugely talented staff, including acclaimed artist, Pieter Hugo, as chief photographer and music journalist and SAMA judge, Miles Keylock, as Editor-In-Chief, this sounds like the type of team that could really make a new publication work and thrive in the cutthroat South African Media Industry. As a publication, Rolling Stone SA aims to cover music, politics and movies, cutting across racial and economic lines, connecting with readers through a celebration of local and international music, politics and culture. It really is like nothing we’ve had available here in South Africa before and I expect that we’ll see plenty of new talent discovered along with respect given to iconic individuals and artists within South Africapopular culture. Rolling Stone speaks to all South African music lovers covering everything from kwaito and rock to hip-hop, house and electronic music as a whole. Rolling Stone believes in music as a unifying force, bringing together black and white in both big city metropolises and small dorps.