Chris Chameleon's passion

Chris Chameleon
Chris Chameleon's passion for the environment has always been conspicuous. With the release of 'Minutes to Midnight' this priority is once again emphasised and presented in a new and exiting way. The video single was created in response to a request from the LCA (Leadership for Conservation in Africa) organisation, to draw attention to its ambitious '20/20 Vision', which aims to secure 20 million hectares of African forest for conservation by the year 2020.Chris comments on the video: 'Since I have always written about the human condition, the emotional experience, I have chosen to approach the environmental cause by virtue of a story where the love between two characters is directly affected by the scenario of a damaged environment. The main character is on a scientific mission in space while the love of his life is left behind on earth. When global disaster strikes she is caught in the middle of it and he is left alone in space with nothing to go back to. The idea was to make it clear that we have nowhere to run to and that, once we have destroyed our home, there is no new alternative, nowhere to go. I hope this will remind people why we need to act now, while we still can.' The song was written and composed by Chameleon and produced by SAMA nominated producer Kevin Leicher.