The Beat gives you the lowdown on some of the hottest CDs for you to get hold of!

Various - Back To The 80's Vol. 3 (DGR)

If you are a fan of 80's music, like we are, then is now one sizzling hot compilation you better get your hands on. Back to the eighties is a compilation of the biggest 80’s pop stars! 38 of your favourite eighties hits packed into one brilliant double package! The third in the Back To The 80's series offers Bronski Beat (Smalltown Boy), Men Without Hats (Safety Dance), Level 42 (Lessons In Love) and PHD (I Won't Let You Down), to name a few. Absolute pure listening pleasure!

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto (EMI)

Just as the album art was inspired by the work of New York graffiti artists of the 1970s, Mylo Xyloto takes it cue from the sense of freedom those artsist embodied. Songs like the frenetic Hurts Like Heaven and Major Minus - an ominous, thundering beast of a song with rattling guitars, potent Johnny Buckland guitar solos, and restless shifting musical patterns - contrast sharply with the delicate Us Against The World, the shimmering Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall and Charlie Brown with its transcendent message of hope for the outsider in all of us. The Rihanna colab Princess of China is priceless.

Various - Vat 5 (DGR)

Vat 5 Met Derrich Gardner, is an album crammed full of hard-to-find, Golden Oldies, as compiled by the popular RSG presenter and TV personality Derrich Gardner. For the past 5 years Derrich has had a very populour feature on his show “Brekfis Met Derrich” called “Vat 5”, where listeners request songs that they love, but can’t find anywhere. This compilation is a tribute to all those listeners - and the songs.

Evanescence - Evanescence (EMI)

Five years after the release of their second CD, The Open Door, Amy Lee and her band of Goth look-a-likes makes a welcome return with the self titled third CD. It's quite obvious that the band has a new spirit which is evident on the CD. At the same time it is the hardest, most experimental and most playful work Evanescence has ever recorded. If that sounds like 'n contradiction, it's not. The new CD embodies the band's desire to spread their collective musically, to cross previously uncrossed borders, to try new approaches and also to simply have fun playing music. As Amy says: "It's fun to just be completely over-the-top dramatic for once and really push the envelope as far as you can".