NEW CD! Chris Cornell - Songbook

Soundgarden frontman and former frontman for Audioslave, Chris Cornell is a busy guy. The rocker is about to release his Songbook CD and also told that Soundgarden are putting the finishing touches to their first studio album since 1996's Down On The Upside. Songbook will be released in three parts beginning with Songbook EP 1 released 1 November and Songbook EP 2 released Tuesday 15 November. The Songbook album includes the mix of Soundgarden (Fell On Black Days, Black Hole Sun), Audioslave (Wide Awake,I Am the Highway,Doesn't Remind Me), Temple of the Dog (Call Me a Dog) and Chris solo songs (Scar On The Sky, Ground Zero) that he performs at the shows, as well as versions of John Lennon's Imagine and Led Zeppelin's Thank You, drawn from the wide array of covers he's done. "Those are usually born from me just sitting around and rehearsing or sitting in a hotel room and just thinking about a song or warming up my voice or things like that," Chris says. "Sometimes it's just on a whim; 'I wonder how this would sound acoustically?' and I feel like it's something I would want to do live. And sometimes I'll pull something out that I don't actually really know and just sort of do it from memory."