NEW TUNE! The Graeme Watkins Project

The Graeme Watkins Project
The Graeme Watkins Project, most famous for their “crazy-eyed” lead singer, the madly entertaining Graeme Watkins, has released London Bridge, the third single off the band’s debut album, Corridors of the Mind (Sheer Sound). Following the success of their debut single Music Affair and its follow up Bloodshot Eyes, this track further entrenches GWP, as the band have become affectionately known, as one of the forces to be reckoned with in the South African music business. “The song is about immense sexual tension and attraction. I’m not saying this song is purely about sex, but more about how a relationship can affect your world around you,“ said Graeme, who has become one of the music industry's most loved frontmen, “When you are so into someone, bridges may as well fall, you don’t care. The focus is on you and the person you are with.” The Graeme Watkins Project is made up of Graeme Watkins (vocals), Matthew Marinus (drums), Ryno Zeelie (guitar) and Rudo Pieterse (bass).