CD REVIEW! T-Pain - RevolveЯ

The king of the Auto-Tune, T-Pain, returns with his fourth CD, RevolveЯ, and it is a blast! The rapper, born Faheem Rasheed Najm, open his album with dramatic strings and an organ loop in a looming key before he goes into it, singing: "My money-money, My bread good… I do my thing-thing, Look at me now-now". The song, called "Bang Bang Pow Pow" later features Lil Wayne, which is to say that the entire song, indeed, is unabashed braggadocio and pistol sound-effects. Fun in a hardcore way. One of the best aspects of T-Pain's oeuvre, obvious auto-tuning aside, is his propensity to layer those contorted vocals over catchy percussion and bass so good that the melodies often come in second. Sometimes the catch is subtle, with a systematic pulse for the bass line. Other times, the stir is menacing and paced to make you shake that thing. T-Pain has a host of well-known names on RevolveЯ, which include Pitbull, Lilly Allen and Wiz Khalifa to name a few.