Florence "Freaked out" by the Machine's success

Florence Welch
Florence Welch, lead singer for Florence + the Machine, has told ET Online that she is a bit "freaked out" by the band's success and that she was very nervous about fan and critical reaction to the band's new LP Ceremonials, the chart-topping follow-up to 2009's Lungs. "It's a nerve-wracking thing releasing another album. The reaction from people has been so incredible," Welch told ET Online. "I'm very grateful the way people have embraced it." She  went on to explain that Florence + the Machine drew on a wide variety of inspirations while recording Ceremonials. "My main goal was to make an album sound like an album, not a collection of songs... I think this album is definitely kind of a reflection of, like, having an iPod," she said. "I think the album is almost like a reflection of that, of being a part of that generation. "Just picking bits from soul, bits from even, like, hip-hop influences, and it's that mix of styles that really influences me."