Arno Carstens is a happy chappy

Springbok Nude Girls frontman Arno Carstens has every reason to look forward to 2012. With the first month of the year almost over, he tells The Beat about his goals, new projects, his secret ambition for his son, and the end of the world. . . 
Arno Carstens

What are your goals for 2012? To do fewer but more creative shows, to calm it down on the drinking, paint more, make sure that I'm proud of my new album and most important to welcome my first born son into this world and make a quite docter out of him.
Tell us about any fun projects for year ahead. Art exibition in March at The Lovell Gallery in Woodstock, new solo album, (my 4th) due out around June, as well as colabs with other artists. I hope fans will enjoy my new album, I am silently Very excited about it. It has a new energy, different to my other solo stuff so check it out hopefully out beginning of June.
How did you ring in the new year? My wife Melanie and I spent it in Greyton at the Lord Pickleby with friends: (the owner) Alistair King and his wife, Tabatha my brother (Jos), Cathrine Moore and her friend Greg with their 3 children. Stunning place with enough crazy to go around.
Your best New Year's eve memory? Long runs I did in the mornings up a hill and around town followed by spottified rain patches enhancing the smell of the fynbos and local clay composites.
As this is the year the Mayans predicted the world to end, what's your thoughts on this and what would you like to accomplish before 21 December 2012? I am very open minded about these things... People can be arrogant and dismiss things outside of their comfort zone of understanding. The fact is earth is at a tipping point, maybe past the point of fixing. Humans are a deadly virus and we need to be remedied. I don't c us fixing ourselves. So it is the end of the world as we know it and things will change in some way or another, whether we like it or not.

* Fans can catch Arno Carstens performing with Louise Carver on Valentine's Day (Tuesday 14 February) at the The Durban Botanic Gardens. Tickets are available online at