CD Review: Michael Jackson's "Immortal"

Michael Jackson was and still is The King Of Pop. His songs moved millions and had many doing the moonwalk. With that said, fans must not think that this is a "new" MJ CD. It is in fact the soundtrack to the Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour’. It features ‘Immortal’ versions of more than 40 solo and Jackson 5 classics, mostly crammed into a string of hasty medleys and segues, peppered with hints of unreleased recordings. With no doubt the original Michael hits are fantastic, but there is just to much spooky bits and pieces, sounds and spoken words and big bang explosion sounds, which without seeing the production itself, only leaves the listener to his/her own imagination. Have a listen to the MJ Immortal Megamix  HERE which is quite nifty!